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It's also worth mentioning that the software (whether modified or not) is intellectual property of Bosch and it's subsidiraries, which also includes licensed code from third party developers (like the realtime operating system core)

A lot of tuning websites ban files from certain sources for a reason.

Also there's the ethical issue, and the fact that whilst you might have modified the file in some areas, aspects will likely be the same (even if just offset) so you're basically still redistributing someone elses thought and decisionmaking in the tuning process.

One could argue that tuning a stock file falls foul of this, though files are generally done on an individual basis (so a file running for and on an ecu licensed to a customer is modified to behave in an improved way for that same licensed customer). Whether that constitutes any argument with weight is up to each individual, but it isn't striding across the line like opening licensed work up for public consumption.

I defend people's freedoms to play with their own vehicles (many on here will testament the fact) but I personally draw the line firmly where you're not working in the realms of your own knowledge. If you've paid for third party work and want to make this work available to others then there really is no question there.

I wouldn't be too thrilled to find my work FOC on a forum, and I don't think it unreasonable to extrapolate the same sentiments to all tuners really.

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