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OK ,taken on-board.
Here's what I can give that I haven't seen anywhere.
Its only the number that comes up when the ECU is interrogated with diagnostic software.
Its of use if your ECU took a bath and a secondhand one was then fitted from a breaker.
Or if you have a friend with a tuned car and you want to use his map,but want to change the VIN to match yours.

Read the ECU with a flashing tool.
Drop said file into a HEX editor program(freely available online).
Search/find this "SARR",this is how the VIN numbers start.
Also search "53 41 52 52" (Hexadecimal SARR)
and this just for good luck"73 61 72 72" (hexidecimal sarr)
When you find it you will be able to figure out the digits after it are part of the VIN number.
You can translate the HEX stuff and re-write it with an online "Text to HEX" converter.
After changing the VIN number just save the modified HEX file with the editor software and then you can flash it back in.
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