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would make no odds to me if the vin number was different.. but your problem will come when someone puts the wrong ecu map on the wrong ecu.. as there are 2 different ecus for the cdti.. both are mapped different and map make up are totally different. so one map for 1 ecu part number would leave the car a non starter and it wont even fire the fuel pumps up.. and vice versa.....

I do understand where you are coming from though.. people running a 400 zt/75 not wanting to pay out 150 for a good map.. free options are always good,, but people need to do the research first, I did before i loaded my first map and was prepared to take responsibility myself if it didnt start..and i had backups and local T4 operators..

Also i have had a few "pro" maps done from some well known mappers and knowing what i do now..The only person i would recommend for a Payed Pro map is Kris//Dakta.. Yes i first looked for Free maps and i would have tried them. But my first payed map was 50 who did things like increase duration at idle for eg.. second well known mapper adjusted the variable vane boost control map?. and we dont have a vvt fitted.. .. So even the "Pros" can get it wrong..
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