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I'd only just washed it for the pictures as couldn't really take any dirty it's in ok condition, but I really don't want to let anyone think it's in great condition, in my honest opinion it's probably 6 out of 10 but it's been my every day car since I got it about 10-11 years ago and I did try to look after it, washed and waxed it keep it clean inside and either repaired it myself or paid a garage too, it's only ever had castrol magnatec oil since I got it and I've serviced it, probably more often than recommend, it's got a clutch still under garentee and mot til mid/end November 2017 and comes with roof bars, spare front lights and indercatiors, a parcel shelf all ready cut with 6x9 speaker holes and a uncut one, a new radiator, box of spares including a coil, complete interior woodtrim, 2x ecu and 2x rover radios, front speakers are kenwoods they go with the car, new oil and fuel filters, it has a little wear to drivers seat bolster, a box of paperwork, including all mot's, receipts,a Haynes manual, everything worked so all lights and sunroof windows, as only done about 400 miles from last mot, new front brakes, and cat, even has an a matching front armrest I modified and fitted so matches to fit front seats , like I said that why it on here I would sooner it goes to a good home to be fixed or broken for parts than me get 40 from a scrappy ?
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