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well thanks! i am glad you are enjoying it

Update for today i replaced the rear brake discs and pads as well as a caliper that had seen better days which was all a piece of cake, then came to do the fronts and my god who thought this up, here is a summary of the front vs rear brake replacement


Undoo caliper
Undoo carrier
Remove caliper, carrier and disc


Undoo caliper
Undoo carrier
Undoo centre cap bolts (x5)
Remove circlip from driveshaft
undoo 3 screws holding the hub nut protector plate in
Remove the hub nut with a hammer and swearing
Remove disc and hub assembly
Undoo hub bolts
Remove hub from disc with a hammer and some more swearing

Honest to god it would be easier to dismantle the space shuttle, better yet after having done all that in the poaring rain yesterday i came to refit the new ones only to realise they sent the wrong ones!!!!

also little note the frontera is on 75,000 miles and the engine is knackered, i should have bought an astra van lol
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