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Smile Thanks guys

Well, firstly I only have the drive and one parking space. I have two MG's, my Expert van and the wife's Suzuki Vitara, so it is a bit tight to say the least. The neighbours are OK most of the time, but living at the end of a cul de sac, even I think it unfair to monopolise the available spare spaces.
All the vehicles are taxed and insured and do get used, it's just the F that gets used least. It really is in good order and I would hate to spoil that with road salt, etc, so it just sits there most of the time.
I agree that the ride is more refined and it is a very smooth car to drive. Each time I go out in one of them, I decide to sell the other, then change my mind!
I've got so much 'stuff' that I need to de-clutter and this year is the year I DO IT!
Also got a Myford ML8 (woodturning lathe) and a 1960's dining table, chairs and sideboard which belonged to my parents and have taken over the garage for the past 10 years, plus loads of ceramics, vases, figures and plates etc, which were valuable a few years ago, all taking up space. I really need a big house with lots of land, but as that's not likely to happen without a lottery win and I don't do the lottery!
I don't know how 'dert' manages with his fleet!
Anyway, it was a hard decision, but it's done. I just hope it finds a good home, not too far away.
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