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So after getting outside and starting on the car at 7:30, I finally came back in at 4. Was a bit of a shock when I first opened the door to see that my car had been engulfed in mould. I had noticed a few weeks ago, so I was prepared, but not prepared for how bad it was. Plenty of anti-bacterial cleaner & other deep cleaning products later, the interior is now probably cleaner than it ever was when I used the car 7 days a week lol. Whilst scrubbing the interior through it seemed that the passenger carpet (under the carpet) was drenched, unsure where this water has come from, is this a common fault? has anyone else experienced a leak in this area?

Mechanically, there was a slight hitch. When connecting the new battery, the alarm kept going off and my key fob would not turn it off. I had the input of a neighbour during the mid morning, who's advice was to "take it to the local garage". I wasn't happy with that as I knew my key fob had always worked with disarming the alarm in the past. I thought id give replacing the battery in the fob a go and to my shock (Im not very good at being hands on) it worked! I went about checking everything that had been suggested above, baring the cam belt and everything seems fine.

The engine started up & has run fine all day long, with a few trips around the local area then a longer trip (about 5 miles) - just to give the car a chance to warm up. No issues at all. Its as if it had never sat at all. I took it to the local jet wash and went at it as best as I could, put the top down and drove home - with a massive smile on my face. I forgotten how happy this car makes me, however i know there is still a lot for me to do. Anyway, for the people interested - here are some pictures!

The roof isn't looking in the best state. Is there a quick and painless way of dealing with this or should it be left to the professionals?

The TF has taken on a more green approach to life.

The mould that awaited me on the steering wheel

....and the dash board

Time to get to work...

A freshly de-grimmed interior

Back to its shinning best up outside

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