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window and hood seals are notorious for letting driving rain leak by them.. the leaks find the lowest point and collect there.. so the drivers and passenger footwells are common for breeding damp... if the car isn't used, since the heater blower, is always enough to dry a damp floor, if the car is used regularly.. unless of course its a cloudburst that fills up the doors so fast the water cant drain away through the doors drains, fills up the doors and comes out through the loudspeaker... ice too can form inside the car, on cold glass, freezing weather breeds condensation in all places... and so mould will grow.. its no big deal. every time you get in and out of the car.. your feet bring in whatever you have walked on... and mould is always in that.. microscopic organisms...

a scrubbing brush, and detergent will remove most of the hood debris... but even so sometimes no matter how hard one scrubs or for how long.., the pigments stick... i use satin black spray paint as a " fog" cover... it also makes black carpets black again.

That said, i dont think you have any particular need of advice.. your own solutions have fixed it..

personally.. since the car had sat for that time... before even trying to start the car.. i would have taken the opportunity to change the oil.. since its had that time to settle in the sump.. and all the possible stuff that could move from the top of the engine to the bottom.. would have done... and you could have started with much cleaner oil by not turning the engine over .

i would have checked the condition of the air filter too... sat for that time.. it probably would have been of benefit to start with a new one... air currents still flow through the filter even though the engine isnt used.. due to the natural heat expansion currents in sunshine... and the cold contraction currents in cold weather... the car breathes on the cycle of night and day, and you have had 18 months of the car breathing in and out dependent on the weather..

Again, that said.. you havent experienced a problem the ecu has not resolved.. you got no engine light obd warnings..

Rusty brake disks take time to clear.. and the rubbed off rust goes somewhere... some of it will collect around the brake pad seals.. and though the brakes haven't complained right now...i would want to check the condition of the handbrake linkages, and the brake piston seals, and at the very least make sure that everything is clean and lubricated properly..

i would have checked, before the first journey.. that i could undo a retighten the wheel nuts, and that the shaped washer that is designed to stop the nuts being turned by any possible cyclic vibration were free and not stuck the nuts... thats just because one does not know what has taken place inside the tyres in eighteen months.. one cant see in there... and a deflated tyre for whatever reason, might mean one has to put on the spare.. regardless of where one is or the time of day or the weather- etc.. and knowing one can do that.. because the wheel nut will come off.. the jack works.. etc... might be very important..

But.. you have crossed those bridges so far without problem... all well and good..

i would say, i can drive a car with a dirty roof... and dirty bodywork and interior...but not one one with a flat tyre, or a blocked air filter, or gummed up sump.. or oil filter... or coolant problems.. or alternator problems...

its the electro mechanical things i would have made sure of first... before i spent time and effort cleaning the shiny bits. -

i wish you great spring driving times, its good...
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