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Having read that the hose PEH 100940 or 100790 for non vvc, as in my case, can fail I looked it up in the Rimmers catalogue to find out which one it is so I could delve into the engine bay in my TF to see what the state of mine may be like.
Well, I had a good look, but I could not find one hose that looked anything like the picture in the catalogue so there wouldn't be much point in getting one to keep as a spare!
Lots of hoses and T pieces but none that look exactly like that one.

My TF is a 2004 135. Was the hose configuration ever changed ie with T pieces replacing the moulded in joints, or am I just not seeing it?

One hose runs close the exhaust down pipe, is it wise to apply a bit of heat reflective tape to it? Although it is probably a bit late now!
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