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TF Thermal Images

I am currently researching for a expansion tank sensor for a project I have coming up, for which I need to know the approximate temperature of the expansion bottle at max temp (for the sensor working range).
My employer has kindly allowed me to borrow our thermal imaging camera over the weekend to check this.
Here is the result for anyone interested, along with some other useless but good to look at images of the car after it has been run up to temperature. The car has been idling for 25 mins.

Here is the expansion tank, maxes out at 95 degC but cools to 85 rapidly once the bonnet is opened.

My new TT exhaust does not run as hot as you would think, maybe this warms up a bit more when the engine is revving harder

Here is a view of the front end showing the heat distribution from the radiator

And a close-up of the rad behind the grille, the coolant must really begin to cool fast as it runs from the rear of the car and underneath. Again I was expecting a little more than 53 degrees here.

Next is a view of the rear quarter of the car, I find this one really fascinating to look at!

An effective piccy of the door mirror, remember these are heated

Its good to know that all of the elements are working on my rear window!

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