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Exclamation 1.8T Alloy T-Pieces. Bought Two and a tad Disappointed.

Took over a month to arrive and when they did, I was disappointed with their "unfinished" condition. Not really concerned by their "Tatty" cosmetic appearance but a more serious concern was the razor sharp edges on all six of the open ends of the larger tubes. Sharp enough to draw blood if you're not careful and would soon cut through the soft rubber hoses leading to coolant loss and who knows what other more serious problems.

Unseen deep within one of the T-Pieces, a long curled shard of sharp alloy left where the machine had cut the hole for the upright shorter tube was over a centimetre long when uncurled. Had that become detached it could go anywhere in the engine, turbo or other parts of the cooling system. I carefully removed it.

Despite all that, I suspect that with some pre-fitting preparation they would become much better and without problems when fitted. So using a worn rasp file to smooth off those razor edges, Grades 180 and 1200 of Wet and Dry plus a bowl of warm soapy water, they shaped up nicely after about forty minutes. :~

I had bought one off ebay a couple of years ago and that was much better finished. Even so, that needed some smoothing to ensure no problems when fitted.

Mention this for the benefit of anyone fitting one of these otherwise ideal items. Check for and remove any sharp edges or you could regret not doing so at the roadside some time later.

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