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Originally Posted by Incony View Post
"Here is the expansion tank, maxes out at 95 degC but cools to 85 rapidly once the bonnet is opened."

96 to 98 degrees C give or take a couple of degrees..? depends on the ambient temperature at that point.

and you need to affirm what the ambient temperature was...

since it is an input you dont include... specific. its important because the ambient temperature defines what? the imaging camera can see? and what the reaction of the car temperature is ...? that you use the kit for?


"I am currently researching for a expansion tank sensor for a project I have coming up, for which I need to know the approximate temperature of the expansion bottle at max temp (for the sensor working range)."

and that includes the ambient temperature of the road and air at that point?

or not?

doesnt that have an effect? what do you think ? sundanceuk?
Of course ambient temp has an effect. I work with heating systems and water circulation daily in my job.
All I want to get to know is if the temp around my tank will kill my sensor or not.
Since it was a free sample I don't mind trying it and seeing what happens! Its borderline so only way to find out is try it.
Do you not find the pics interesting?

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