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Mg tf ecu

Hi everyone just a bit of history of where i'm at. I have a 2005 mg tf 120 which i got last October from a good friends parents it only has 19k miles on it but in 2010 a mechanic done some welding on the exhaust which ended up blowing the engine ecu and alternator. There was a bitter row and claims that ended up in the car not being repaired. It sat for a while and the engine was sold for a donor to a freelander with hgf. Over the winter i have fitted a 135 lotus elise engine which is brand new with only delivery mileage i have matched the inlet ports to a 160 vvc alloy inlet manifold and put on a janspeed exhaust manifold and pipe still with cat. So im ready to go but the ecu is the hicup obviously it is a 120 ecu for a start and 2nd it's damaged i've dismantled it to see if it could be rpaird but with several burned out tracks and the main chip is dead so cant read any data from it. Yesterday i got hold of two 2005 mems 3 ecu's from 1.8 freelanders at a bargin price of 5 for the pair now i know i can't use these as they are because of the imobilizer and the maps will be wrong i'm sending one to Z&F next week but just wondered if anyone has a standard or modified 135 bin file with the emobilizer removed so i can write it to one of them getting impaitient to get it started now.
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