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Red face ZS 180 Temp issues

Hi all,

recently bought a ZS180. The car was great on the journey home, but a split coolant pipe meant it went to the garage for a while. However, the temp gauge goes above half way, more towards 3/4 mark after about 20 minutes running. It goes back to normal if I put the heater on though. Ive spoken to a few owners and it seems to point towards a thermostat issue. Im willing to get it fixed, however I don't trust my local garage. I was charged 300 to fit an 18 pipe as they couldn't locate the issue at first. I took it back but they claim its running fine, more like they aren't interested, they just said it might be HG....on a V6.
Its not loosing coolant, so I don't think its anything major. Just after a second opinion and if anyone can recommend a MG specialist near Kettering, Northants.

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