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Ok so with the failure of the k-seal its now a curiosity to see just how much longer the engine can last with HGF, it managed 115 miles over the weekend with the temp gauge all the way to the red (110c) all the coolant gets dumped into the overflow tank so the engine essentially becomes air cooled (oddly the temp gauge goes back down when at motorway speeds) so at the moment we are taking bets on the first point of failure

the top favorite is a coolant pipe bursting from the pressure of the steam causing the temp to skyrocket, overheat the oil and chuck a rod out the block (the one i am hoping for)
Next in line is water pump failure from been run dry leading to cam belt failure and valves getting smacked
And a small number of people so far think the engine will just cease solid

as for now the damn thing just keeps on going

what does everyone on here think?

Cheers all!

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