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It looks lovely!

I was in a similar situation as you a few years ago, although I am now over 70, ie a bit beyond the mid-life thing, having an MG Midget that is a perfect as I can make it and a new Mini Cooper as a daily driver, I really needed a slightly flawed car that I could fiddle with and make as good as possible and look great as well.

My 04 TF fits the bill. It was in very good condition when I bought it but I bought it to improve it and the things that I felt should be done to any TF, I have busied myself doing.
Such as changing the underfloor coolant pipes for stainless, having the relays changed in the SCU (it is a Pektron car), changing the heater control resistor pack, putting in a glass rear window ,rewiring the rear loom where it can fail near the left hand rear boot hinge and changing the standard quite stiff suspension for the readily available "comfort" damper and spring units. I have also fitted a low coolant alarm which was the first thing I did.
I have done many other things but those were my priorities and have kept me happily busy over the last few years and the car has been driveable at the same time, so best of both worlds!

I love the look of the car, just sitting in the garage doing nothing it looks fab...I had an MX5 too a few years ago but it was so bland and required so little attention from me I had to trade it in for something that would be more of a challenge.

I would go for that one..have you checked its MOT history on the MOT history checker website? You can learn interesting things about how cars have been maintained from it.

Good luck!

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