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Emissions - totally lost!

Hi all,

I've been trying to help out my Dad with our '96 MGF VVC which has failed its MOT on emissions. So far, we have changed:
  • Lamda
  • MAP sensor
  • Coolant temp sensor
  • Wiring harness

The emissions at the last test were as follows:
  • CO, second fast idle - 5.2
  • Hydrocarbon second fast idle - 3579
  • CO natural idle - 4.8
  • Lamda second fast idle - 0.749
  • CO fast idle - 1.86

So in effect, everything failed on the second fast idle and natural idle, only the CO on the fast idle test.

Everything runs fine on the car, although smells rich at idle.

We just got hold of a Pscan, with the following errors:
  • map2 low fault
  • fuel temp high fault
  • VIS/VVT drive fault

From what I understood, the first two errors can be ignored as the VVC doesn't have those sensors, but not sure about the VIS/VVT drive fault error.

We're completely lost, so I've attached the live data when we started the car up this morning. We've yet to warm it up and see what the values are there, but wondering if anyone can help us take a step in the right direction and see if anything seems wildly incorrect there.

Thanks for any insights!
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