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It looks to me as though your new Lambda sensor is not switching correctly.
Being a 'F you only have one sensor, so take notice of the one listed as number 1 bank and ignore the bank 2 readings. With the PSCAN connected monitor the bank one sensor, it should be active and not inactive. Look at the switching voltage with the engine running, it should toggle from about 0.1v to 1.1v if i remember correctly. If the sensor is not showing as active it usually means there is a huge air leak in the exhaust system somewhere ( manifold or joint of sensor or joint before cat) or the sensor or its wiring is faulty. If the sensor is not toggling it will make the ECU over fuel the engine and give you the high emissions.
It is quite easy to damage the sensor, especially if you do it with the engine in place and are maneuvering the downpipe around in such a tight space.
PM me your private email and i will send you an excel scan of my good PSCAN results for an MGF VVC.
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