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Thanks again for all the help!

Ok, so today we tried with a different lambda sensor and car warmed up:
  • Voltage is now fluctuating around 0.3-0.4v with the car idling
  • When we block the exhaust up, voltage goes right down to around 0.1v
  • Revving takes the voltage up beyond 0.7-0.8
  • Pscan still shows the o2 sensor bank as inactive
  • Fuelling is at 100%
  • Every now and again, the sensor state changes to active for a split second, and fuelling went down to 99.5%!

We've checked the exhaust and can't hear/feel any obvious leaks, although Dad's out there tightening everything up just to be sure.

There's also a strange, brief hissing sound just after we switch the car off. No idea!
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