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Split Intercooler Pipe and Turbo Oil Leak

Hi all,

R25 TD 54 145K

Had the smoke upon acceleration and loss of power and found the large front post intercooler hose split BADLY - I could get most my hand in!

It was very oily so I wondered if it was caused by some sort of slow leak. I have read this a common failure, and the pipe normally gets oily and I think the pipe has 145k miles on it!

However, seems too much oil? So I took the engine cover off and taped up the pipe to limp home (hundreds of miles) but now home have noticed the turbo seems very oily outside / its pipes. Is this a coincidence or the feeder pipe. I have changed the oil feed pipes twice on the car, I think doing about 60k each time.

I have also been losing some coolant, perhaps its related due to heat / needs an oil change.

I don't hammer the turbo too much but if its got issues (seals etc) perhaps the car is telling me its had enough


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