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Sorry you are having issues.
I usually find if I change something, it is that, that is the culprit.

idea 1, A shot in the dark:- get hooked up to a testbook. Get them to set the throttle.

idea 2, Bob the 48mm back on for a bit with the original position sensor. See if the prob continues.

Have you got the cotton filter in yet, as well?

I had a nearly stalling problem, after I changed the air filter box around from the tf 1.6 to the tf 1.8. and the o2 sensor number 2. I did not know which was the offender. The mg would lose power after start up but be ok once at temperature.

You now have more air going in with the new airbox and hoses plus the tbody change. Maybe and this is a big maybe - the ecu needs recalibrating. not just a tps reset.

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