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The throttle looked like new to me (see below) and I think it came from a Lotus Elise but carries the same part number as for the MG's. After installing the TB and a Trophy airbox with dual intakes, everything was fine - this has only started up over the last week or so. Bat, I still have yet to replace the air filter with a new one - it should arrive in the next day or so. The additional Trophy air feed was re-rerouted to the passenger side vent and the original left in place. Can't see that being an issue. This was the TB I bought:

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Well, the 52mm TB got collected Today from the sorting office as I missed it Yesterday. I knew I was buying used and that it looked good in the eBay listing, however, I was really surprised to see how good the condition was - practically brand new I think. I think the previous owner must have recently upgraded with a brand new one and possibly the car is no more - who knows, just that if it had been in use for a while, I'd have expected condition to be a lot worse. All in all, a good saving on new for just 43 delivered. A little clean and here she is:

Bypass valve? - what or where is that! - if I knew what to look for and clean, that'd help. Same goes for the TB quadrant......

Ian, I had thought that it could be the IACV/Stepper but I was under the impression that it was non-servicable like older F IACV's - my F is a very late (almost TF) model and I think it has the same IACV as the TF's that I thought were not cleanable.

Also, what would I be checking the throttle cable for? - looseness, slack etc?

God knows I am no mechanic but I don't mind getting stuck in if I know what to do or look for........
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