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Cutting out

If you look I have just put up another thread out a leak and changing the fuel filter. Well I have sorted the leak out and changed my filter fine.

But my problem now is I must have disturbed something. The car runs fine on tick over and low rev's. But after putting my foot down and giving it a little blast the car seems to cut out. Just like its running out of fuel.

Took it for a small drive it was fine, then put my foot down and took it up the rev range. Was fine with my foot down but then when I took it off and slowed down it ran for a few seconds and the started to cut and then died on me. If I then give it a few seconds it starts up again more or less straight away.

I have checked and triple checked the filter housing and all it connections, nothing is leaking or sucking air in. Non of the pipes seem to be bent or kinked in anyway. But yet I cant seem to figure it.

Is it just a case that I havent bleed it correctly? If so what is the recommended way to bleed the system. Car currently has around 1/2 a tank so I would have thought that was plenty.

Other thank that has anyone any ideas, I just cant think of anything else.
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