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A day in the sun

So today I set about trying to work on a few bits of the MG. Nothing substantial, but just going back to that idea of getting it back "to its best". The plan for today was to:

  1. Have a look at how easy it is going to be to install some rear speakers. I've wanted to do this since getting the car and (as mentioned) Im now actually able to dedicate some time to this car.
  2. Diagnose why my car seems to have such a small verity of heater settings. Its either Hot, Hot...or EXTRA hot. Ive checked the forums and it seems that this could be related to the heater knob not working
  3. Try and work out the curious case of the vanishing Coolant. Have a look around the internals of the car (as best as I can) to check for obvious signs of coolant leak.

So I started by getting her opened up and ready for the day (in major need of a clean!)

I then set about looking to take the rear speaker covers (or TBar cover) off. It was a LOT more straight forward than I thought. Simply three phillip hear screws at the top at then a little tug (lol) and it came off!

It uncovered what I hoped would be there - what I believe to be the connector for the rear speakers. I have ordered a set off Ebay (including t-bar) due to arrive next week - I know there are already plenty of guides on this fantastic website, which I did use to actually get to this point, but I may do another little how to when they get here.

So it seems its going to (hopefully) be a straight forward task, fitting the new rear speakers which will hopefully improve sound quality when out and about and topless.

Next on the agenda was taking off the side panel in the drivers footwell to check if the heater knob was connected to the cable. I picked this up from another great little how to/diagnosis on this forum. Sadly (I suppose) to my disappointment the cable was very much connected. Which means there has to be another issue with my heaters only having a "HOT" setting - Which in summer, isn't too comfortable! Im not expecting my heaters to blow ice cold air con, as they are only fans, but at least a cool bit of air would be great! - Any ideas anyone?

So the search begins to try and work out what is wrong with my blowers.

The last part of the agenda was checking to see where my coolant could be escaping to. So as expected, the first thing to cross my head was "Head Gasket Failure" - as we all know this could be the only reason (at least this is what seems to be everyones initial knee jerk reaction). After taking off the inspection covers and having a look from the tank all the way along the piping (as best as I can - Im sadly not a mechanic but I am enthusiastic) I couldn't find anything - which was both great but also unnerving. There seems to be no obvious signs of coolant loose. The engine (and oil/dipstick) are all nice and oily and not mayo in any way. I looked up a popular thread on this website about how to spot HGF, and not a single one of the common issues has occurred on my car. Which is a relief. However it still begs the question as to where the coolant is going - any ideas or suggestions would be great. Whilst looking I came across a little ...oily... patch under the engine. I couldn't work out where its coming from but I thought I would pass it out there for the brilliant minds of .org to see if you guys can spot anything/know any common reasons for this kind of...dare I say it...Leak?

I may pop this last part of the update as an individual post, because as you can imagine Im quiet keen to get to the bottom of as to why there is some coolant loss/ plus the unexpected oil patch.

Any comments, suggestions or chat welcomed!
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