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The curious case of the vanishing coolant (Pics & Video)

Evening Lads & Ladies,

I'll try and keep this post short, as Ive rattled on in my last post (which is becoming a bit of a "progress blog")

Ive been noticing minor coolant loss since getting the car back on the road a few weeks back. Yesterday morning I topped the coolant tank up to half way, went for a 80 mile journey, with a mix of driving (town/country/motorway). When I checked the coolant this morning I was down to around a 1/4 of a tank.

I had noticed this kind of drop in the past.

I today took a look around the engine bay and around as much as the car as I could and I can't see any obvious coolant leak. I followed the steps in this great post: How To.... Diagnose a K Series Head Gasket Failure and nothing seems to point to HGF in my eyes (Im in no way a mechanic but i know my way around a car)

Whilst looking under the car I noticed there was an oily patch. With a tiny (TINY) bit of pink fluid (my OAT Coolant) Although only tiny, and I mean tiny, it still something...and goes a little way to explaining where the coolant could be going.

I just wondered if you guys had any advice/ suggestions/ ideas as to what could be happening here..and all the while I'll cross my fingers and hope that not every reply just shouts HGF at me.

Thank you (As always)

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