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Thanks for all the replies, fellas. Much appreciated.

Oddly enough, the car has behaved Today and no odd symptoms of falling rpm's. I did have a brief look at the TB quadrant earlier and when moved with a finger, it seemed to go back to the stop easily without any signs of sticking. There is a bit of slack in the cable between the TB and the retaining clip - not sure if removing that slack would help or not, I suppose I could always adjust it and see if it makes any difference. Point taken that it should not be too taught, though.

Other than the above, I will be looking at trying to clean the IACV before replacing with a new one. I will also have a look at the breather hoses to see how well they are seated to the TB - might even take them off and clean them up if required.

Would there be anything else to consider? - I'm going to be dropping in a Green Cotton filter soon and whilst I am at it, is there anything else worth doing in terms of cleaning or changing such as fuel filter, plugs, leads etc? - I don't often gain access to the inspection area as it's not my forte to fiddle, generally speaking.

Still, odd that she drove fine Today - weird!
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