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Red face dealing with faulty goods

i had a bad experience rescently with a breaker of MGs based in the Hull area, i bought a 1.4 mgzr engine off them for 250 and paid 60 for the upgrade to a new headgasket water pump and belt with a 2 month warrenty. the engine turned up looked nice so i couldnt fit it straight away but i fitted it about a week after the warrenty was up. drove 4.5 miles to an mot and it was blowing cold air to cut it short the gasket had gone, contacted the breakers only to be told SORRY mate its out of warrenty.... i left it at that i was annoyed but what could i do about it, about a month later i decided to repair the engine, it was at this point i called in a mobile mechanic to do the job as i had a sneaky sus****ion that the gasket hadnt been done, well i was correct it hadnt been done, so i got a professional mechanic, a reputable high performance garage and a head sevicing company all saying the same thing the job hadnt been done.... now to the fun bit i gave the company 14 days to reply sin a letter stating Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 goods you supply must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and match their description.
they didnt reply so off i went back to CAB who then asked how i paid for it, as i had paid the deposit by credit card i was covered by the credit card guarantee not just for the 50 deposit but for the whole purchase price.... this is refered to as a section 75 chargeback and credit card companys move like greased lightning when you mention that section i put the request in last week with all my evidence(photos letters from the companys) and this morning i get not only the 310 i paid but also the interest i would have received if i hadnt spent the money on the engine so their you go long winded but i think well worth remembering, if you can then pay the deposit with a credit card it covers you also its worth remembering you have in fact got 6 YEARS to lodge a claim of faulty goods

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