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Help with these breakdown symptoms: Thermostat?


I was driving for about 15 miles from cold on motorway and the system started to pressurize and spit emulsified coolant, but the temperature did not rise and I stopped to let it cool off. There was no heat from the heater yet almost no coolant was lost - could this be a thermostat that failed to open?

Then I continued on another five miles, at my destination I wired up fan to run all the time.

I then drove 20 mile home on motorway, stopping occassionally to confirm not boiling over.

However, at mile 18 the exhaust turned blue from burning oil, and I pulled over and turned engine off.
Engine kept dieseling on it lubricant and stopped after 20 seconds. Smoke out dipstick.

Since then does not start - sound of no compression (possibly oil on rings burned dry).

Is there any hope or is engine likely finished? Did a stuck thermostat cause this?
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