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Hi Zr Tractor.

No I didn't go silicon as the car has 145k miles and weighs less than standard due to rust. Had to get a new battery late last year which increased the car value significantly

That first pipe lasted say 144k so I hope anything will outlast the rest of the car now sadly.

I'm still concerned about the amount of oil coming out of the pipe. I had to remove the top end to access the water pump clip and its sodden with oil already - having been cleaned out twice in as many weeks. Did read some comments about the breather pipe but also see the turbo is well covered in oil as are the oil cooler pipes (changed twice since I had car ffs!). I have other leaks power steering - likely the pump (again ffs) and probable crank(?) seal(s).

I'd love to get the car fixed up with a major refurb + service - it provides just the right balance between mpg, performance and its utility value - its been all over the uk and done ace. If I had the space/pit/ramp I'd get stuck in.
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