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I don't have anything against the owner, no matter how nice they are, nor weather he/she is or if they are a long standing member of any community. It'd be dull if we all said "hell yeah, love that car and what he's done to it.....". If someone can't read comments without getting upset, they shouldn't be on a public forum that opens them up to such. I couldn't be less bothered if someone loathed my car or loved it - I love it and that's all that matters to me. I appreciate the owner didn't start the thread, so any negative comments might be hurtful in some way if he did read them. I did say that the owner had obviously cherished the car, but not in the way I would.

Good job we aren't all the same is the bottom line here - that and the fact that we all have differing tastes. There is no right nor wrong, just boring if none of us had the gumption to break from the politically correct "smile and say you like it" kind of routine.

Just my 2c anyway.
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