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Rough running 75 CDTI Tourer

I am getting a bit desperate with my CDTI. I thought it would be a silent and smooth car but now after five moths ownership I'm getting tired of the overall roughness of the ride. The whole car shakes and vibrates especially at idle and on the move it is hard to hear the radio over the engine and road noises. This is very annoying because some of the fellow owners here write that the car should really be quite refined and smooth.

I have analysed the engine with TOAF and according to it there should not be any faults. The engine seem to work well apart from a slight jerking at lower speed especially when cold. The crank pulley and DMF do not cause any special noises as far as I can judge things.The rear muffler has been changed to some aftermarket one but it is not the exhaust sound which is the problem. It's more like the engine was leaning straight on the body. I have inspected all the mounting rubbers and they seem to be ok. Also all the original sound deadening material is still there so there should not be any extra road or other noises caused by that. Do I have some false expectations about the smoothness of a Rover 75 or is there something wrong with the car? Either way, it is a much more louder and harsher car than e.g. my previous Citroen C5 diesel. Any thoughts about the issue?
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