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Originally Posted by MGTF-T View Post
I looked at them but it would still have hit the exaust / turbo housing in my case.

Good luck with your project and try to post some pics when you are done!
Thanks!! Will do - I am still researching the whole thing at the moment. I don't have a way of working with the car all by myself given that I can only park it on the street and therefore I cannot raise it etc. This is a bit of a bummer because i would like to. However, I found some guys near me who run a workshop in a small industrial unit, more like a shed, who seem keen to get some business and help. I'll go tomorrow to have a new cat fitted and also have a chat about it. The good thing with them, apart from them actually enjoying it themselves rather than seeing it as a 9-5 job, is that you can stick around and talk about it, maybe even help. My regular garage is more like a hospital in this sense. You hand over everything at the reception and then they hand you back the car. What happens in between is a bit of a mystery and therefore it is not ideal for a more bespoke situation. I understand them, health and safety and all, but I sometimes have the feeling that no matter how enthusiastic you are at the end of the day for them it is more like yet another job.

In any case, the idea is to stick a sandwich adapter with an oil temperature and pressure sensor, run the lines to the cabin and replace the two gauges with ProSport ones. Also drill a hole to the cat for a wideband lambda while leaving the factory one in place, again run the line to the cabin to a third gauge for AFR.

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