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I have question about wheels sizes and brakes .....

hello people right now i with 260BRAKE DISKS on my rover 620 petrol f20z1, so i bought used brake calipers i also bought GENUINE FRONT brake disks 282mm - i forgoto to mention brake calipers are bigger for 282mm ,also i bought new genuine brake pads so right now i am using some after market alloy wheels on my rover 620 they are 15 inches i am AFRAID AND worried i dont know if my 15 inches alloy wheels which are after market will fit with the bigger brake disks which will be upgraded from 260 to 282mm please tell me if someone got 282m as well do the 15 inches alloy wheels fit or not? some people say steel wheels fit but for alloy its little bit of doubt i need advice please . Also i am with 195/65/15 tyres if i go with 225/40/17 will my fuel consumption raise a lot or little i want to know please.
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