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Cool Fitting a Rear Silencer to an MG ZT-T 1.8T

Not a nice job. Not nice at all with limited amateur resources.

This was the condition of the old silencer. :~

This was the new Silencer in place :~

Had to use a large blunt cold chisel and club hammer in the slot to remove the old fractured silencer pipe from the middle exhaust system. Used an Angle Grinder with 1mm metal cutting disc to make the slot. :~

The rubber suspension hangers had become hard and solid over the years. Lost all flexibility and removing these in that condition was the most difficult part of the job. So, used the Angle Grinder again to cut the old metal hangers giving better access to the rubber hangers. :~

This was my working area. Dried fast after twelve hours of continuous rain. :~

I now have a very near silent ZT-T 1.8T. To be fair, the old silencer did make a superb sound at near peak revs... BTCC stuff! ...

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