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Free Rover 620 SLi available

Red Rover 620 SLi automatic, free for anyone that wants it. Might be good for spare parts, I'd rather that then send it to the scrap yard. I'm picking up my new car today so it's available from now really.
Collect only (unless within the York area and I can drop it off). MOT'd till September.
Before anyone gets excited, there are quite a few things wrong with it:
  • Firstly, large dent in bumper/boot where I expertly backed it into a post.
  • I had to remove the fuse for the alarm as it kept going off in the night and this disabled the central locking.
  • It has started to make a funny noise when I start it up, like a whining kind of noise, which fades after a few minutes, no idea what that is as I know nothing about cars.
  • It's started to overheat in heavy traffic (may be related to above).
  • Oh, and the driver's side mirror is held on with tape.
I hope someone can make use of it, it would be a shame to see it scrapped.
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