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Crank shaft sensor ?

Were is the crank shaft sensor and what size is the bolt to undo it ?? was told its white and under the inlet. Any pics of were it is ??

Here is my problem
Need some help this morning my car wouldn't start the battery was flat nothing on the key at all. I was driving it around 20 miles and car was fine i filled up with petrol and car was still fine for around 5 to 6 miles now the car keeps stalling i drive at 30mph the car just stalls and stops. I then try to start it and it turns over but nothing I then put it in first and turn the key with the clutch down and the car moves forwards and jumps and starts for 5 mins then stalls again. My input shaft has been going its has a clutch / realse bearing etc ive put code reader onit with no codes showing. I have started it and let it run standing still now has got me 10 miles with no problems. When the car stalls and cuts out the fuel pump doesnt prime and you try and turn it over but doesnt catch . u wait a while and it will turn over and go with out the fuel pump priming noise. I am use to the noise every time i turn the key but that noise has gone but still starts some times... I am thinking its water in the fuel ? or somthing todo with the fuel? Input shaft going would still let me car start out of gear ?

I believe now its the crank sensor because it just stalls at what ever speed

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