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New gauges arrived. Before I go ahead with the wiring and since I've never done this before can I confirm the following? The gauges need

1. 12V constant
2. 12V accessory
3. ground
4. 12V headlight switch (for dimming when the lights are on during night-time)

Instead of cutting cables from here and there I bought a few add-a-circuit cables that plug on existing fuse sockets in the fuse box and give a second wire with its own fuse for additional wiring. The idea is to find the right fuses, stick these cables in and crimp the connections. I suppose another benefit is that you can do all the wiring in advance and stick the add a circuit bit in the fuse socket when ready. This way I would assume the battery doesn't need to be unplugged? For the ground I'll found a ground point somewhere, I believe there is one next to the driver's seat etc (suggestions welcomed). Does this sound reasonable so far?

For No 1 I am thinking the cigar lighter fuse (which is F1 in the TF)
For No 2 I am thinking the radio/oil temperature fuse (which is F15 in the TF)
For No 3 Some ground point
For No 4 I am thinking the front sidelight RH (which is F11 in the TF)

Does this sound ok?

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