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Originally Posted by Andy400 View Post
you say that you cant hear the fuel pump priming sometimes when you first turn the key so either fuel pump is going or maybe the fuel filter could be blocked .
also will add the fuel pump will usually only prime after the car has been stood a while some times due the pressure in the pipes still.

also depending on the year your code reader maynot read it if its pre 04 i beleive , have you checked the ecu label to cofirm it is obd2 compliant? and not eobd .
When i first try and start the car i can hear it but then i can travel 10 - 20 miles then it just stalls so if your doing 50 it will just stall and stop ( not coast ) of course this makes the person behind you go into you. I try and turn it over but there is no fuel pump noise but some how i can jump it from stand still ( yes crazy ) will try and expalin it stalls i then put it in 1st keep the key turned the engine is turning over but not catching but i can lift the clutch up and the car moves forward......
At first i thought it was the fuel because i was running it low and thought it sucked some crap from the tank or maybe the fuel was crap...
But then got told the crank senior will make the car just cut out i dont know where this is ? or the size of the bolt to undo it?
The car is a 04 but havnt checked the label

would the pump still prime if it was the crank senior?
It does start again after it stalls after i wait a while even with out the prime noise
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