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Originally Posted by Andy400 View Post
where abouts are you some one close may be able to come help if your stuck to sort it out.
also just read it wont coast just stops , i would say their is more than just a sensor fault , you should be able to clutch down and coast , i think you would be probably better off getting your gear box sorted out as it sounds like it could be locking up and stalling the engine .
Yes it locks up but the problem is that it cuts out when its in gear meaning it will stall if it cut out out of gear then i suppose it would coast but every time its stalled or stopped in gear. To me it felt like there was water in the fuel i had a 306 before i filled it up and there was a fuel light which came on and only when i went to this 1 garage it would do it. I took it to a garage and was told there was water in the fuel and the light was telling me that,. But that was a diesel after it cuts out i can push the clutch down and it will roll but has i said the strange thing that ive never seen before is when it stalls i can hold the clutch down and press the throttle down a tad life the clutch up a bit and turn the car over it wont start but the car moves???? so same thing has jumping it i lift the clutch up slowly while im turning it over it wont start but car moves ?? Even when in reverse ??
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