: Rover 75: Auxiliary Power Socket

30-07-2007, 19:47
I just bought a 02 plate Rover 75 and I now realise - having read the manual - that the cigar lighter can't be used as an auxiliary power socket and thus I can't use my in-car charger. The cigar lighter needs replacing with an auxiliary power socket by a Rover dealer (presumably now an XPart Service Centre).

Has anyone made this change to a Rover 75? Does anyone what is involved in changing a cigar lighter to an auxiliary power socket and roughly how much I should be looking to pay to have this work done?

30-07-2007, 21:20
Have a look at this thread: (http://forums.mg-rover.org/showthread.php?t=95404&highlight=auxillary+power+socket)

30-07-2007, 22:02
Must admit I never noticed that warning and have used a cooulpe of different accessory chargers in it. Why when it can supply the power for a cigar lighter (fair loading) is a charger not to be used?

31-07-2007, 13:40
I use mine all the time for running several items off using a multi plug adaptor.

31-07-2007, 14:14
Is the aux power socet the one that is in the are rest?

principal skinn
31-07-2007, 14:41
I use mine for charging the mobile all the time.

The only problem with it is it's in an arse of a place for the gear change when you have a charger plugged in.

31-07-2007, 18:05
I broke the plug on my sat nav trying to yank it into the cigar lighter socket. I should have followed the advice in the manual and not use it for auxiliary power. I have a auxiliary power socket on order (I think) from Rimmers and will attempt to fit it myself. I'll let you know how difficult it is.

31-07-2007, 18:16
I remember this, I myself have never had an issue with the dash one, It is in the way for gearchanging. But the worst part about the kit is cutting the circule out of the arm rest trim. I made a comple hash of the torch one when I put that in.

04-08-2007, 17:58
I have a auxiliary power socket on order (I think) from Rimmers and will attempt to fit it myself. I'll let you know how difficult it is.

In the end, having read the procedure in Haynes, I chickened out of trying to replace the cigar lighter with an auxiliary power socket. Instead, I connected a wired-up auxiliary power socket to the power source under the passenger seat via an in-line fuse (this power source is present even if the seats are manual as in my case). This socket now sits neatly under the seat, available when required. This was quite fiddly to do without taking the seat out because you are working upside down. I hope the passers-by were impressed though.

07-03-2008, 18:09
Thanks for all the useful information on this site!

I've just acquired a '99 75 and realised that the Cigar lighter is in an awful place to charge phones etc. Thanks to the messages on this and related threads I worked out that I could run a cable from the fuse box to the central arm-rest and put a 3.49 socket (25mm diameter) from my local auto store there. Works a treat.

The early 75 is convenient since it has three spare spade connectors on the fuse box (fuse 16 15A always powered, earth, fuse 12 10A powered with ignition). Main problem I had was finding 8mm*0.8mm females to fit on the spades in the fuse box. Eventually I found a bag of 100 from a local distributor, so now I have 97 spare.....

07-03-2008, 18:56
ive been running my sat nav through the lighter socket for 4 months ,thank goodness for the endless fund of knowledge on here. coalburnflyer. :dunno:

07-03-2008, 20:47
I have a 3 way splitter connected to my cig lighter and power sat nav, phone and charge my PDA from it. Being an auto makes it easier I guess as the gear stick only fouls it in a minor way when in park.

07-03-2008, 20:52
When I first got my ZTT, I added an auxiliary socket in the correct place in the arm rest cubby box. Nice neat fit, powered it from the heated seats supply at the bottom of the dash & it works just fine. Just few quid in Maplin.

I did have to move the timer for the parking heater a few millimeters back in the box, but that was one hole to drill, so easy. Only problem is that I wouldn't have anywhere to fit the proper Rover torch & charger if I wanted one, oh!!! I'm heartbroken.

Regards, Rob.

08-03-2008, 18:40
I've been using this to charge my mobile for some time now. Why can't we use it as an aux supply and what are the possible consequences??


08-03-2008, 20:14
it is total rubbish and merely a "not suitable for children under three" warning to cover any legal outcome.

09-03-2008, 17:13
it is total rubbish and merely a "not suitable for children under three" warning to cover any legal outcome.

Why do you say that? Are you talking about the aux socket or the cig lighter? :dunno:

09-03-2008, 21:36
For those who poo poo Rover's advice.

If you use certain types of accessory plug in any cigar lighter socket, you may find that the metal side pieces will become stuck in the cut aways that hold the cigar lighter in place. This can result in you not being able to pull the plug out & the excessive force required to pull the plug out & result in the side pieces being bent & possibly sort circuiting the socket.

At best blowing the fuse, at worst burning out wiring.

That's why, if you look at an 'auxiliary socket', it has smooth sides, but will not operate a cigar lighter.

Of course, you will find some plugs that are perfectly suitable for use in these Rover cigar lighter sockets, but some will not be. Rover are just covering themselves for the ones that are unsuitable.

Hope this clears this one up.

Regards, Rob.