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Whet else can it be??????

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Posted 02-07-2011 at 17:05 by mfrosty

I've got a 75 1.8 T 2003 with power problems when going uphill. Took it to the garage they changed the plugs , oil and a general look over and changed the rocker cover gasket . not much better. a week later went back said not happy. They said it could poss. be the solenoid valve on the airbox. while waiting for that part to arrive we also replace the MAP sensor. All bearing in mind that the turbo was replaced just over 12 months ago. Still no power. so we took it to a specialist garage that does diagnostics. Which showed p1520 unknown code. So they did manual inspection, vacuum tests to back lines to turbo, all ok. carry out smoke tests to intake system, ok. check power supply to turbo boost solenoid , ok. check solenoid resistance at 23ohms, no data available but ok. remove intake pipe to turbo and spin intake turbine( not seized). remove turbo output boost pipe and rev engine no or very little boost being produced by turbo. we were then advised the the fault lies within turbo- either exhaust turbine failed or waste gate valve failed/ open. Requires turbo removal and inspection. This has been sent for inspection to the place where we bought the turbo from. They say all is ok with turbo. Where or what else could it be. ?????
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  1. Old
    OOOh that looks like a familar code for the "lamda sensor"
    its easy to test, unplug it and run the car for a little while, it is the same as before unplugging you found the issue...
    Posted 25-07-2011 at 08:08 by perks68 perks68 is offline
  2. Old
    found problem my exhaust was blocked
    Posted 03-08-2011 at 10:15 by mfrosty mfrosty is offline
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