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  1. E_T_V
    23-05-2014 23:02 - permalink
    I can't be 100% sure but it could well be down to how the MAFAM is set. You get a similar thing on the earlier 2/4/600's when the tuning box is turned up too high and the revs momentarily increase about 50rpm, around once per second for a split second. They usually only do it when the engine is hot too from memory.

    I'd have a play with the MAFAM settings and see if you can get it under control.
  2. daryl1104
    23-05-2014 16:48 - permalink
    Hi my zs diesel has a stutter on tick-over not actually misfiring.I have recently fitted sdi injectors out of a car that I ran before so I know they are ok ish,the car is running with egr blanked mafam set for sdi and economy mode,the cat has been gutted and a sheilded cone air filter,if I apply slight load on engine like as on hill start holding on clutch but still on idle the hesitation is not evident,when it does hesitate the rpm does not fluctuate,the car performs perfect other wise othe than a pin hole on the turbo rducer hose which is on order,what is your thoughts on this one,many thanks Allan
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