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  1. finyuk2005
    16-03-2015 16:38 - permalink
    the t4 is mechanical, but as i am using the rover gearbox i was planning to just extend or heat and bent the rover linkage to suit, i have a td zs that i am going to use the gearbox from as thats a hydraulic clutch and so is the van so thats nice and easy.
    interesting that the tf setup is cables, definitely something to bear in mind
  2. E_T_V
    16-03-2015 15:18 - permalink
    I'm not sure what sort of linkage the t4 has. If it is cable then you need to look at perhaps modifying the MGF/TF setup as they use a cable shifter. If it is a mechanical one then you will need to try and cobble something together that works.
  3. finyuk2005
    15-03-2015 23:44 - permalink
    ah right thats encouraging then, the wiring was what i was most worried about, yeh gearbox is going in too, driveshafts will be cut and rewelded to give an mg inside and vw outside splines, linkage like you say could be a challenge, i was thinking though that as long as you extend or chop down the two parts of the linkage by the same amount it should work right?
  4. E_T_V
    13-03-2015 23:11 - permalink
    To be honest the wiring wasn't that bad, and the later 25 most likely has less wiring as it has part of the ECU built into the pump. The hardest part will be the mechanics of getting a gearbox to fit I'd guess (unless you are taking the PG1 box with it - in which case getting the gearlinkage to work might be the hardest part).
  5. finyuk2005
    10-03-2015 21:29 - permalink
    hey dude, been reading your blog on your camper again as i am planning an engine swap in my (future! its getting there!) camper, a vw t4. yep. i am putting an L series in it!
    i was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom for tackling the wiring mainly, i know it will be slightly different as i am using a later r25 engine so there may be slightly more to it than the r600 wiring, but any advice would be gratefully recieved!!
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