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  1. chris.vincent3
    25-08-2011 11:29 - permalink
    Alright mate, having a bit of trouble getting the courier to pick the wheels up from my barracks, if I can't get them to then I'll pay a bit extra for a different courier to pick them up. My appologies mate. Give me your mobile number and I'll sent you a text when they've been picked up, as I don't have much Internet access.

    Thanks, Chris.
  2. chris.vincent3
    16-08-2011 11:39 - permalink
    Hi mate, just went into the postoffice and they said they can hold the wheels for me and get the courier to pick them up from there. If your still interested I'll look up how much it'll be posted, 200 plus postage?

    And empty your inbox

    Cheers Chris.
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