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Conversation Between Furryroo and matt561
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  1. Furryroo
    05-04-2012 22:36 - permalink
    sure if you like =3 and what happened!!! your poor F, still, have always like 45's =3
  2. matt561
    05-04-2012 22:08 - permalink
    Dude you want me number? I prefer chatting on the phone yo!.... Helas Ross has deid a death, it's all about Winston my Rover 45 now :P
  3. Furryroo
    05-04-2012 21:53 - permalink
    not so bad thanks mate, long time no see? hows your MG going? still think its funny its called Ross xD maybe i should call my MG Fergus lol
  4. matt561
    05-04-2012 21:38 - permalink
    Oi oi!!! Hows it going man?
  5. Furryroo
    12-01-2012 15:49 - permalink
    Haha heya mate!! i was wondering if you where on this forum, wehat with your MG and everything xD

    its a small internet

    how you doing anyway?
  6. matt561
    12-01-2012 14:42 - permalink
    Hehehe! hey there Roo!

    It's Fergus from UKf :P
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