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Conversation Between Hobby and irishtom
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  1. Hobby
    11-02-2014 16:48 - permalink
    Tom, thanks for the reply. I was just touching base with you to line up Irish owners to try and organise a day or weekend run out, so you'll have to pick up an MG I believe a reasonable F could be got for around €600.00. Anyway stay in touch.
  2. irishtom
    06-02-2014 12:43 - permalink
    Hi Hobby, I got a message from the system to tell me you tried to send me a message but my limit had been reached. Its the first tiume I received such a message. I unfortunately had to get rid of my MG so I dont frequent the forum. I should probably reregister. I(N the mean time, If I can help you with asnything reply to this message as Ive cleared my message box.


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