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  1. Hobby
    11-02-2014 17:02 - permalink
    Good to hear from you, I would love a 160 nearly bought an '03 grey/black awhile back. He was asking €5000 A few years later she was on Car zone for €3000. You have good power now plus a few bhp I bet. Saw nothing in the MG Enthusiast Mag on the June date as yet so thanks to the date info.Got the secondhand sphere in so she's levelled off again thank god it was a good one.
    See you in June
  2. nicktg
    05-02-2014 21:08 - permalink
    Hi Brendan, good to hear from you, yup everything is fine over this side
    I believe mglive is being called mg90 this year as it's 90years of The MG marque. The dates are 21-22nd of June. I'll see you there, I've changed my car for a trophy 160 that looks very similar, so you should spot me, still got the same number plate. I'll keep an eye out for you.

  3. Hobby
    04-02-2014 19:52 - permalink
    Hi Nick how are all the care over there, having hyrogas spher trouble ATM, but trying to keep her in one piece for the Summer. did you hear anything on MGLive for 2014.
    regards to Wife and Kids,
    Brendan Goodchild
  4. Hobby
    18-12-2011 21:04 - permalink
    Forgot to ask you do you think you will come to Ireland to any of the meets in 2012.
    We have a meet in Dublin on Feb 5th. Have a look at the Reb of Ire section
    Love your new registration number
  5. Hobby
    18-12-2011 20:46 - permalink
    Hi Nick,
    This is your other Goodchild from Ireland how's your mg going have you done anymore to it. I did the 4 Pots and 304 discs, got the light covers for the boot on Friday. My F is getting old now. i did'nt go to the MGFest in '11 in Gaydon
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