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Conversation Between Jon Norris and mikeohope
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  1. mikeohope
    17-01-2013 12:09 - permalink
    Dont worry, should have looked at your website first!!! Will call later
  2. mikeohope
    17-01-2013 12:08 - permalink
    Jon, could you pm me your number as I don't seem to have it. Thanks, Mike W
  3. Jon Norris
    16-01-2013 09:52 - permalink
    Jon Norris
    Hi Mike
    In one of my albums on here you will see my first car, a 1967 factory built beach buggy, so yes I have worked a lot on them before, if you would give me a call when you can and we'll have a chat about it .....thanks Jon
  4. mikeohope
    15-01-2013 13:07 - permalink
    John, Mike Williams here (Ruislip, do you recall?) with a non MG question. Do you ever do anything on old VW's?? Reason being in a moment of complete madness I have bought two beach buggies. One is on a 68 Beetle chassis and running gear but is SORN. Its in a garage just up from Peterborough and belongs to a mate who bought it but never did anything with it. I don't think its far off getting back up and running but I am thinking of getting the work down local to where it is before bringing it back down here. The engine has not run for 4 years but does run. A close friend has vouched for that. The guy who has it has stopped working on it having almost completed a brake overhaul (just front to finish off). It needs a new fuel pump and the electrics checked etc. Would you be interested. Its in Whittlesey. I know itd be hard to price up but thought I'd ask anyway.


    Mike W
  5. Jon Norris
    06-06-2011 19:22 - permalink
    Jon Norris
    Hi I'll PM you a price over in a couple of mins cheers for asking
  6. mikeohope
    06-06-2011 18:03 - permalink

    Just wondered could you give me some idea of a price for a service. Its MGTF with 45K Cambelt last changed in 2007. I'm based in Ruislip, Middx. also wouldnt mind a price to fit some AP Calipers and discs which I have sitting in a box in the garage.

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