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  1. simcor
    01-04-2017 12:36 - permalink
    The How to was done by Frenchmike, I just collated it and posted it for him as he didnt know how at the time.

    I did that job several years ago so can't really help that much and dont even have a ZTT anymore.
  2. 3pinplug
    05-03-2017 14:55 - permalink
    Just seen you excellent how to on the rover 75 clutch slave replacement and wonder if I an pick your brains on the subject?
    With regard to the anti roll bar and driveshaft removal:-
    1. Which bolt undoes the roll bar, is it right at the end on the nearside?
    2. As only replacing the slave and splitting the box, do I have to remove the driveshafts from both sides or just nearside.?
    3. Do I have to remove the driveshaft from the hub as well or just swing it out way when removed a other end?
    4. If just doing slave do I have to drain gearbox if so does this need a special allen key or something?
  3. 3pinplug
    05-03-2017 14:50 - permalink
    Just seen your post of the how to regarding the clutch slave cylinder on a rover 75, just gearing up to do mine and wonder if I can pick your brains on a few points regarding the strip own procedure, these specifically reate to Pic 6 i.e
    Pull hubs outward to remove horizontally the drive shafts from differential on both sides and protect them with plastic bags and tape.

    Can I ask for some further information as follows:-
    1. How do you disconnect the anti-roll bar, the bolt your referring to is it obvious when you get under there or does it have a more specific name is it the drop link one?
    2. As I am only doing the slave cylinder do I need to disconnect the drive shaf on the offside or can I get away with just the nearside one being removed?
    3. On the nearside do I only need to remove the shaft from the gearbox end or also from the hub on the nearside or can I leave it in?
    Thanks for taking time to post this its a real help!
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