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  1. steviejones133
    19-05-2017 20:24 - permalink
    Hi Rich

    Thanks for the message. As for the TB, I've not had much issue with it for a while. I've done the odd TPS reset and it seems to rectify it. It's been okay for a bit now, touch wood. I still haven't fitted the Green Cotton panel - been busy decorating - but I am planning to do it soon along with a plug change, fuel filter and new oil. Anything else that I should look at??

    Good to hear your car is going well and you've sourced some nice bits from your scrappy. Mine has about 5 F's in of varying age. I got an IACV off one the other day only to find out that I'd got the older variety - was the same Y reg as mine, I guess mine was just that tad bit later. Still, I've cleaned it up and it'll end up on eBay no doubt. I did get a genuine BMW business class original CD head unit from one not long ago - MG logo, so I was pleased as punch when I got it installed. It was in very good condition and a fellow forum member helped me decode it for free, which was great.

  2. batoutofhull
    18-05-2017 21:27 - permalink
    Hi Steve,
    Just a quick hello. I was wondering how you had got on with the 52mm TB. Did you sort the issues out with it?

    My Tf is driving nicely at the moment. I fitted a chrome rear and side grill. 25 for the whole car. Just got the front to do. The rear mesh had been ripped off the donor car and was mangled. With a bit of TLC and some stainless cables ties it looks like new again.

    Theres a pretty healthy mgf in the scrap yard near me. Lets say it is not showroom condition but the bits I'm going to get in the next few weeks. Mainly screws, plastic scrivets etc.

    All the best Rich
  3. steviejones133
    11-01-2017 00:28 - permalink
    Thanks mate. I will. I've got my eye on one on eBay right now or am even considering a new one. Thanks very much for all of your help, it really is appreciated.
  4. batoutofhull
    10-01-2017 23:35 - permalink
    Stevie. It was craigie tf who had the 52mm throttle bodies. He had a few. i can't see the thread anymore. If you want one send him a pm.
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